Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thoughts on MLM

     Multi level marketing. We've all heard of it, I'm sure. Unless you happen to be a lot luckier than I have been.
     I have no problem with the concept, and having people earn money that way, but as a business, it's not for me.
     There are some companies that I actually love the products they have, but again, turning it into a business isn't for me. I'll tell you a little bit about why I came to that.
     Over the course of the past ten years I have watched a disturbing trend among friends that chose to make multi level marketing their profession.
     It started with family. My brother-in-law and his wife found ReLiv and their life became crazy. Instead of focusing on what used to be their main source of income they threw their whole effort into marketing, traveling all over the U.S. to make their dreams come true. They were successful, but at the expense of their family life. Their five children spent the majority of their life staying with other people while Dad and Mom were out selling ReLiv. Conversations became excruciatingly boring around them because all they could think about was ReLiv, therefore it was all they could talk about.
     Next a friend found Arbonne. We used to have basically everything in common. Both homeschooling our four children, both sharing the same view on life. It was good. Her venture into marketing Arbonne started innocently enough. She had been introduced to the products, and really loved them, and then she set her eyes on the money possibilities and everything else went downhill from there. Traveling to promote the products became her goal. Sure she got her new cars, and cashed huge bonuses, but at what expense? Her Facebook that used to be so interesting became an advertising platform, her ready sense of humor got traded in for conversations about the products, and saddest of all .... her children are now being sent to public school because Arbonne is taking all her time and she doesn't want to sacrifice it for what she used to consider being so very important, her children.
       Next up is another good friend I have. Her world changed when she was introduced to Plexus. Again, as with the previous two, it has become all consuming. As she travels everywhere to talk about the products. Her Facebook has switched to talking about it, instead of delightful snippets of her life. I'm watching quietly as her husband and six children are getting less and less of her time while she pursues the business with unwavering focus.
    The list could go on to include others that did Melaleuca , Herbalife, and Conklin.
    There are products from some of these companies that I actually like, but no amount of money is worth sacrificing my family. I'll use what I want, but promoting, recruiting, and pouring my life into it, is not for me.