Wednesday, April 20, 2016


      When we began our homeschool journey, I found I really enjoyed learning new things along side our children.
       I loved poring over homeschool curriculum catalogs and choosing the best curriculum that worked with each child's individual learning style.
      We enjoyed adding lapbooks and unit studies, to persue various topics we were interested in learning more about.
      Currently I'm on a quest to create the perfect geography/culture studies for our next school year. My starting point is the curriculum I purchased, but I want to add so much more. Dig deeper into the cultures and places we're studying. I'm pulling together a book list to be read for each country, food we want to try, crafts to make, and simply exploring facts a lot deeper than any curriculum provides.
      It's labor intensive, but it's a quest I've really been enjoying.

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  1. Sounds fun; I'm sure whatever you choose and find will be a great learning experience for your children!



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