Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Post Featuring "P" Words

    I try not to panic as I silently clutch the armrests of the passenger seat where I'm sitting, praying without ceasing that we'll reach our destination unscathed while trying to appear calm so as not to put added pressure on the young driver.
    Having a teenager practice his driving skills with me as the teacher had never been something I wanted to do. But guess what, I'm doing it.
     Mr. Pepper wanted to go pick up a load of things tonight that we need for our big project here at home, and asked our oldest son if he would like to go along. All I had to do was have him at his workplace a little before quitting time.
     With a learner's permit burning a hole through his wallet, our son jumps at any chance possible to get behind the wheel, and poor me gets stuck in the passenger seat.
     Really, he's not a bad driver. I have hopes that with a little more practice he will be able to ace his driving test with flying colors. In the meantime, I keep hoping Mr. Pepper will be able to take over the teaching responsibility.

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  1. LOL, brings back memories of driving along with son years ago. I was always reaching for the brakes on my side to brake. He did just fine and I got a few gray hairs in the process :)



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