Monday, February 8, 2016

Privacy Invaded

     I have a decided aversion to public restrooms, and try to avoid them as much as possible. Every once in a while though I have no choice, but to use one.
     Yesterday, at church, I was faced with no other choice. I bravely opened the door and immediately went to the far end of the stalls and crept into the door closing it behind me.
    The door gives about the same amount of privacy of a hospital gown. I didn't have any scotch tape in my purse to fasten some toilet paper over the gaping crack on the right side of the door so I tried my best to simply ignore it.
     A little later the door opened and I could hear the sound of little feet approaching. They entered the stall right next to me and after some considerable grunting I heard the lock close on the door. A little later the toilet flushed and some more grunting ensued, and finally the little girl simply scooted out under the door leaving it locked.
     Vigorous hand washing followed and then it was time for primping in front of the mirror that was hanging on the wall directly outside my door. I had full view of the goings on from where I was sitting.
     I was surprised that this little girl was in here by herself. She appeared to be barely three years old. I watched in consternation as she grabbed both sides of the mirror and yanked at it. I was sure the whole thing would come crashing down on top of her. A few seconds later the door opened. "Barbara Grace!" a no nonsense voice said .... that belonged to a man. "Get over here right now!"
     Little Miss Barbara Grace ignored him and yanked at the mirror again. He marched in swiftly and grabbed her up in his arms, but not before our eyes met through that awful crack at the side of the door.

    I think  I may need therapy.


  1. Oh my! He may need therapy too!! I also hate using public restrooms.

  2. Oh dear goodness. I couldn't help but giggle. I have been in similar situations.


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