Sunday, April 26, 2015


     I love singing, one of my favorite parts of church services is the singing. However once in a while some songs get sung so slowly I simply can't sing along.
     This morning it happened again. A hymn I love was nearly dragged to death and I was left feeling weak, almost unable to breath, and I had to work hard to not sigh and get all twitchy.
     I came home and found my favorite version of the song, which just happens to be the oldest known hymn, written in the 8th century in Ireland, and translated to English in the 1900's.
     The band 4Him is one of my favorites, and I love singing along to them.

Friday, April 24, 2015


     It was a beautiful Sunday in May, I was eighteen and newly engaged, and also recovering from an accident I had been in several weeks earlier.
     Our church house was plain, with none of the comforts a lot of the newer church houses come with, like ceiling fans and air conditioning. Instead when it got too warm the windows were opened to allow fresh air inside.
     Because of my accident, I couldn't sit in the usual pew. Instead I was propped up in a chair right next to an open window, and somehow my attention wasn't being held by the sermon, and I found myself gazing out the window.
     How this next part unfolded I can't explain, but suddenly I saw as clear as day some beautiful lush green grass in front of some majestic pine trees, and a creek winding its way next to this. In this lovely setting there was a blanket spread on the ground. A twelve year old boy with almost black hair was sprawled out on the edge of the blanket reading a book. Two girls, about ten and eight had their dolls and a tea set and were talking and laughing as they played on a large corner of the blanket.
     On the other corner of the blanket, Mr. Pepper and I were sitting with a little baby boy sitting between us, and I was feeling overwhelmingly happy.
     I soaked up this scene and then returned to reality and tried to focus once more on the sermon that was still going.
     I got home from church that day, and wondered what all that had been about. I had often daydreamed of how life was going to be once Mr. Pepper and I got married, but I had never had anything that vivid and unintentional before.
     I didn't tell anyone. Instead I wrote it down and hid it in my little locking jewelry chest.
     Life went on. Mr. Pepper and I got married. After a year we welcomed a baby boy into our family, two years later a baby girl joined us, and two years after that another baby girl. More years passed, and it seemed that our family was complete, and I wanted to accept that.
     When our oldest was eleven we were given an opportunity we thought we couldn't turn down and we moved. One of the first things I noticed when we got to our new home was this patch of lovely lush green grass, tall majestic pine trees, and a winding creek. I realized that I already had three children that matched the ones I had seen so long ago, and I wondered ..... was that a true vision? Would I really have a baby boy before long?
      As it happened I became pregnant soon after that and we welcomed a baby boy into our family. And I'm just as happy as I had felt that Sunday.
       I still have no explanation on what that was. I have never experienced anything else like that. But to this day I am amazed at how perfectly I saw something, that I would see for the first time many years later.

Monday, April 20, 2015


     So far having teenagers has not been as scary as I had feared. In fact I'm rather enjoying this phase of life.
     Conversations with our teenagers can cover almost every imaginable topic. Serious discussions about the Bible and their faith, hopes and dreams, feelings, everyday life, and everything in-between. Sometimes their insight and maturity surprises and humbles me, while other times I still see the little child in them.
     I haven't quite decided what category to place this little conversation I had with our thirteen year old daughter this morning.
     Daughter wistfully: I wish I had a pretty laugh like heroines in books, all musical and sweet.
     Me: I like hearing your laugh.
     Daughter: You like it because I'm your daughter and you feel obligated to like the sound of my laughter. You know I sound like a hyperventilating walrus.
      Well I've never heard a hyperventilating walrus, but the comparison made me laugh, even though I snort like a horse when I really laugh. Women in my family have never had a musical laugh, and it appears she has inherited that gene.
     I really do like hearing her laugh though, it's a happy joyful sound. Musical in its own way, and beautiful to me.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


A basket of lovely flowers was hand delivered by Mr. Pepper.

I was so surprised, even though it was my birthday. I am now carrying it from room to room so it can be where ever I am working and I can enjoy the beauty as much as possible before they start wilting and fading.