Monday, January 19, 2015


     We live in an old farmhouse. By old, I mean built in the 1800's. I'm sure back in the day it was considered to be quite a lovely house, and spacious too during that time. In today's world it isn't quite so lovely. For the most part it's comfortable, even though the floors are uneven and creak when you walk, the closets are sadly lacking, and the floor plan was not well thought out. Most days all of that doesn't bother me in the least. There is a draw back to living in an old house that is bigger than any of those reasons. Somehow mice seem to get in easier.
     We have several cats, multiple mouse traps, and for the first time since we moved in here I thought we were going to make it through an entire fall/winter season without any mice trying to move in.
     This morning I was happily going about my morning routine. Getting up and getting breakfast for Mr. Pepper and seeing him off to work, and then enjoying a few minutes of quiet time before the children get up. Everything seemed to be perfectly normal. Mr. Pepper left for work and twenty minutes later our dog wanted to be let in. I let him in and as embarrassing as this sounds, I went to the bathroom, still perfectly content with my life. When sitting there all vulnerable a mouse darted out of the closet and came running toward me. I shrieked, and lifted my feet. The mouse turned and disappeared into the closet while I whimpered in terror. I had to get out of here immediately. I kept my eyes on the spot where the mouse had disappeared and got up, but before I was able to make my escape the mouse darted back out and I found myself perched on the vanity, with another shriek echoing in my ears, and basically hyperventilating.
     The mouse seemed quite oblivious and ran around the room exploring. I managed to get up and balancing myself on the very edge of the vanity I succeeded in my attempt to stretch far enough to unlock and open the door and then launch myself out of the room.
      I was reduced to a pathetic pile of trembling hysterics and quickly emailed Mr. Pepper to let him know how my morning had taken a horrifying turn. He replied as calm and reassuring as ever, but it's still looking like a really long time before he gets home tonight, especially since I know that somewhere in this house, a mouse still wanders free.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Soul Mates

     People seem to be fairly divided over the topic of soul mates. Over the weekend one of my brothers and I had an interesting discussion concerning the concept. He doesn't believe soul mates exist, in fact after having been burned a number of times he has achieved quite a dark view on love and marriage in general.
     I'm not exactly sure where I stand on the soul mate issue either. Is there really only one perfect person out there for everyone? I don't quite see that. Mostly I think that if two people fall in love, get married, and are committed to giving their all they become each others soul mate.
     On the other hand, sometimes ........ sometimes I wonder. The story behind Mr. Pepper and I getting married is an interesting one. If it were written in a book there are people who would sigh and shake their heads wishing that things like that actually happened in real life.
     He is my soul mate. Did I know it the first time I met him? No. Neither did he, but with time something changed and one day it was as if a piece of life's puzzle clicked into place. From our very first date, to now more than twenty years later we both are convinced it was something more than us that brought us together. God was directing it, He knew what both of us needed. Because of that I'm hesitant to say that there isn't something like soul mates, because I know I have found mine.
   There was this certain pastor who started a church, his dreams and goals for it were something my parents were impressed with when they heard about it and several months later we located to a new state so we could be part of this church family. I was only a little girl at the time, so I didn't understand exactly why this church seemed to be so important. We hadn't been in a habit of going to church regularly before.
    This new church grew fast. The pastor was well liked, and more and more people flocked to it. As with any church though, especially those with any size, there seemed to be cliques, or classes of people. The pastors family of-course the elite, and our family, well, it happened to be in the lowest class there.
    Because of the way our home life was, I had vowed to never, ever get married. I had plans made to move out as soon as I was of age, a few years at a job until I saved up enough money and then I'd be going to Alaska. In the meantime I watched in disgust as girls basically threw themselves at the pastor's youngest son. He didn't seem to enjoy their attention, but it didn't keep them from trying. I couldn't even imagine trying to talk to him. Our worlds were totally different, he came from a well-to-do family that every one liked, his Dad a pastor, and everyone seemed to crave their approval. My little world, we were a homesteading family, by no means well-to-do, and people treated us as such. So how did it happen that with the huge difference between us on top of my vow to never get married, that the pastor's son (Mr. Pepper) chose me? 
     I can only say it was God. He knew we were meant to be together and somehow He orchestrated things to make us see that.
     So do I believe in soul mates? Kinda, sorta, yeah I do. After all I have found mine even when I wasn't looking, and life, well, I can't imagine life could get any better.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Things that Annoy Me Thursday ~ Pinterest Comments

    Several years ago a friend introduced me to Pinterest. "It's a great way to organize all your favorite links," she told me.

    My list of things I had favorited was already quite long and with only titles it was easy to forget what I had or difficult to find what I was looking for. I gave it a try, and fell in love with it. Not only was I able to finally organize all my favorites in a pleasing and easy to use way, but I also found tons of other things, recipes, homeschool materials, crafts, DIY projects and a host of other things.

    I had/have my Pinterest account for me, and no other reason. I was not, am still not looking for followers on it. It is a happy place for me where I keep track of yummy recipes I want to try, things I want to print out for something extra for our homeschool, crochet patterns for my oldest daughter, household cleaning tips I want to remember, it's all there and more. Every pin selected because it meant something to me. I have had thousands upon thousands of repins, a ton of followers, which I don't mind as long as they only repin and follow, but when complete strangers start leaving comments on my pins and clutter up my boards, I find it annoying, and, well, those comments get deleted.

    Back when I started Pinterest I could only have three secret boards, so I have a lot of public boards. As soon as they changed that I created well over a hundred secret boards and most of my pinning gets done to those boards now.

    Maybe I'm not doing it right, but to me Pinterest feels much more private. If I want to have social interactions I'll head to Facebook, Twitter, or my blog where every comment is fun and welcomed.