Monday, April 20, 2015


     So far having teenagers has not been as scary as I had feared. In fact I'm rather enjoying this phase of life.
     Conversations with our teenagers can cover almost every imaginable topic. Serious discussions about the Bible and their faith, hopes and dreams, feelings, everyday life, and everything in-between. Sometimes their insight and maturity surprises and humbles me, while other times I still see the little child in them.
     I haven't quite decided what category to place this little conversation I had with our thirteen year old daughter this morning.
     Daughter wistfully: I wish I had a pretty laugh like heroines in books, all musical and sweet.
     Me: I like hearing your laugh.
     Daughter: You like it because I'm your daughter and you feel obligated to like the sound of my laughter. You know I sound like a hyperventilating walrus.
      Well I've never heard a hyperventilating walrus, but the comparison made me laugh, even though I snort like a horse when I really laugh. Women in my family have never had a musical laugh, and it appears she has inherited that gene.
     I really do like hearing her laugh though, it's a happy joyful sound. Musical in its own way, and beautiful to me.


  1. Happy laughter is always beautiful! I enjoyed this post. It reminds me of a lady who always told my parents "Just wait till they our teenagers; then you'll see [how much trouble they are]." I did stay up late a few nights playing chess in my teenage years, but I survived without being too much trouble. ;) Teenagers can be great to have around!


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