Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life with a Toddler

   I'm not sure at what age you begin to call a child a toddler. Maybe once they begin toddling? I also haven't figured out when it's no longer fitting to call them a toddler. Our youngest no longer toddles, his preferred mode of movement being a healthy run, and he just had his third birthday, but I still hang onto calling him my toddler.

   Life at this stage can be, and usually is interesting. You would think with this being our fourth child to be going through this stage of life I would have learned to be suspicious of long periods of quiet.

   A few days ago I caught him with a bottle of glue and little foam pieces. The living room walls, the window, and some furniture were all decorated.

   At this stage they also take everything very seriously and when one of his siblings introduced him to this little box his reaction was video worthy.

      It is sound activated upon which the box starts vibrating furiously and shouting, "Excuse me, excuse me, can you let me out of here?"

    He was sure there was something caught inside that box and was absolutely terrified. His siblings thought this was hysterical, so for now this little box will have to remain hidden until he's old enough to realize it is only a harmless little toy.  No need to cause a source of nightmares, or possible future need of therapy.