Monday, December 8, 2014

Answered Prayers

     After several tear filled days when it looked like we would have to say good-bye to our beloved dog I was at the point where I wished it would be over and we could start the healing/grieving process instead of the drawn out waiting for the inevitable.

    Things changed this weekend, and instead of planning a doggie funeral, we are rejoicing that he has been healed, thanks to answered prayers. He lost a lot of weight during this ordeal, but other than that he is back to normal.

     We're feeling very thankful, and it has reminded us once again how we need to value every day. Life is so fleeting.


  1. So happy for you! How sweet it is when our prayers are answered in such a wonderful way.

  2. Wonderful. Prayer does work.

  3. What a blessing, dear Mrs. Pepper! Praise the Lord for answered prayer :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. So hard to see a doggie suffering. Congratulations on the recovery.

  5. So glad to hear your dog has recovered! Thank the Lord!

  6. Dear Mrs. Pepper ... Praise the Lord for always being there for us during our time of need. So thankful that your doggy is on the mend. Sweetest blessings for your day. ♥ Teri


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