Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Did It

     Yes, I did it ...... voted that is. For a little while it looked as if we wouldn't be getting to do it this year, but somehow in the last minute we managed to get it done.

     Mr. Pepper headed off to work early just like any other day, but had plans that once he comes home we would both be going to cast our ballot.

     I put chicken into the slow cooker to make chicken and dumplings for an easy dinner, and then we settled down to get our school done. Everything seemed to be flowing smoothly. Some friends stopped by for an afternoon of visiting which we all enjoyed immensely, and then I get a call from Mr. Pepper. "There was a breakdown so I'll be home late tonight. It doesn't look like we'll be making it to the polls after all."

     I knew our two little votes wouldn't make that big of a difference, but still it's something we have done every year ever since we could, and I didn't want this year to be any different.

    I pulled out the things I needed to make several loaves of bread. Mixing bread dough by hand is therapeutic in times like this. All the thumping and kneading ....

   I had just pulled the bread out of the oven and the chicken and dumplings were ready to eat when Mr. Pepper came home with still ten minutes until the polls closed. We hurried off and got there in time, cast our votes and chatted for a few minutes with the three elderly ladies that were sitting there. Voter turnout has been great this year they informed us, they have broken all records for our little precinct with over 80% of registered voters showing up, which was even better than our last presidential election!

    With our votes cast we returned home to enjoy a bowl of chicken and dumplings and warm homemade bread.


  1. Good for you...glad you got to vote!

  2. Since I was away from home during the elections this year I was very happy that we vote by mail in ballot. I actually voted two weeks ago and dropping it at the polling box then. I have never missed an election since I was able to vote either.

    1. Maybe we should also consider doing the mail in, because you never know what hand life will be dealing you on actual election day.

  3. We voted early. I do not like the election day crowds.

    We can hope our votes will begin to make a change.

  4. Sounds like a good conclusion to the day! Glad you were able to vote, and the chicken and dumplings sound heavenly!

    1. The chicken and dumplings were the perfect way to end a day!


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